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The term whiplash is commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents whereby there is initial hyper-extension of the neck followed by rebound hyper-flexion. The most common cause of this type of injury is the result of a rear-end impact collision. Whiplash injuries are not exclusively related to car accidents; they can occur from any trauma that entails hyper-extension followed by flexion of the neck. Whiplash injuries cause pain all around the neck and can radiate into the back, head, arms and chest. This is the result of all the musculature around the neck going into spasm.

How can osteopathic treatment help?*

  • The sooner osteopathic treatment for whiplash is commenced, the more likely recovery will be quicker.* Unresolved injuries can result in pain and disability for months or years to come.
  • The upper back and thoracic cage would be treated, as this is a region usually traumatized from the seatbelt or airbag.
  • Osteopathic techniques will correct range of movement through the rest of the spine and ribcage.*
  • Osteopathic treatment will also address the sacral-pelvic areas and relieve tension occurring at the base of the neck.*

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Osteopathic Wellness Center does not guarantee certain results.

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